First impressions matter … In today’s connected online world first impressions happen sooner than you might realise.

Your logo and brand identity is very important. People are very quick to make snap decisions based on only 10 seconds of seeing a company website or social media page. That means your brand needs to give the right impression to your target audience.

Logo Design

A logo is very important and has to stand out but still give the right impression. Your logo lets people know your the real deal, not a one trick pony who used paint or PowerPoint to make your logo (no offence to anyone who did, I’m sure it looks great…) but instead invested some time to get the right feel for the logo that really stands out and lasts in people minds.

When I help create the perfect image I always ensure your logo is up to scratch and produce the perfect svg formats so your image looks crystal clear from tiny to huge! I also make sure your covered by ensuring you don’t fall into any legal loopholes with your logo looking too much like another or using fonts you can not hold a licence for.

Design Principle

A logo might be important so is a consistent look and feel. That’s where a design principle comes in and gives you an easy place to find your colour palette, font styles and general expectations (size, scale and any flares).

This might take the form of a basic template and some training on how to manipulate it yourself so you can always take great ideas and run with them (without waiting on me or another designer to get the design done)

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